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transistor small signal parameters

I am trying to debug a transistor level circuit and I need to see spice small signal models for my BJTs in mutisim.




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Hello NavidG,



I am not very sure if I understand properly your question, so I will try to deliver the best answer for you with what I understood.


In order for you to see the SPICE model of a BJT in Multisim, you can go to the Component Selector dialog (Place>>Component or by using the shortcut ctr + W on the workspace), select the component you want (the BJT you want), and on the right side of the Selector Component you should be able to visualize an option named "View model". If you click on it, Multisim will display the SPICE model attached to that component.


Please let me know if this question does not actually address your question. If this is the case, I would like to know if you can explain a little more, so I can try to help you as much as I can.




Luis C.

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I mean how I can see small signal parameters such as gm, ro,  Ccb, etc of the biased BJT in my circuit.



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Hello NavidG,


Thank you very much for the reply.


I would like to show you the following links that might help you with your question:

  • Configuring an AC Analysis in Multisim

  • Multisim – Component Reference Guide


I really hope you can find this information useful.



Luis C.

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Hi Luis,


Thanks for reply, but I am looking for something else; What I need is similar to what spice gives as report under subcircuit parameters for transistors which lists all DC value small signal parameters of each transistor such as output resistance, ro, or transconductance, gm, and so on. I have attached here spice small signal parameters from hspice simulation. I need similar report on multisim.




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Hi Navid,


You can output these parameters from the output tab of the analysis settings for the particular analysis you are trying to run. You must manually add the device parameters you are looking for:




Another place you can find these parameters is in the simulation error log / audit trail or the XSPICE command line interface after running a simulation. Both of these are found under the Simulate menu. 




I hope that helps,



National Instruments

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допустим, в этом примере надо вместо "время" (нижняя ось) поставить аргумент  "rr1"

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