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transistor part has "design rule error" Net 2 close to Net 1 - Only 1 Part on whole project


As a test, I put ONE part on Ultiboard, and it has an error. Help! please Smiley Happy

error: transistor part has "design rule error" Net 2 close to Net 1

Also, is there a way to reset all options I may have changed in Ultiboard?



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Are you using a custom footprint? The error states that two components are too close to each other, so, this may cause electrical damages (like short circuits).


To reset the configuration to default, follow the steps in this KB.




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Hi. No it's the standard 2N222 transistor. However, I may have some setting like: trace width set to 30 mil or something else. I tried to set that back to 20 mil. I also deleted my config file, as I have used Ultiboard in 3 or 4 classes and who knows what settings I changed. I was thinking of just using some linear transistor instead of one in a triangle or circle footprint. thanks!

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I made a quick test placing a 2N222 in Multisim and transferring it to Ultiboard. The footprint is very different from what you attached which makes me believe that at some point you may have modified the component in the database. To reset everything to default, you may want to force-reinstall the software.




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Thank you ! I will check it out when I get back! Thanks for your time. Keep you posted

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