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tran simulation(s) aborted

I always getting this message after a very short while (often before 200ms on the scope).
What does it mean, and could I make the simulation run forever?
I use Multisim v9.
I also post the my file to see if anyone get the same fault.
Thankful for help
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I just simulated your circuit in my Multisim 2001 Power Pro and here are my findings.  Your AC source doesn't have a ground. This is what is causing your error. What I like to do when dealing with AC sources connected to bridge rectifiers is to use the standard ground on the source and use the VGRND or Virtual Ground on the output side of the rectifier. This separates the DC ground from the AC ground. You will find this used frequently in many schematics.  The other thing I noticed is that your O-scope channels are not connected to a ground. This might not cause an error but could cause you not to see a waveform or an inaccurate waveform if you do see one.

Once I corrected the errors the circuit simulated just fine on my Version. I hope I was able to help.

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I just reviisited this circuit.  Just use the Standard Ground on both the source and the bridge. I went back and examined this again and the result using my technique of using the Virtual Ground gave incorrect results. When I used the standard ground in both places the results are what is to be expected. Sorry if my mistake caused any confusion or problems.
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Hello Lacy,

unfortunately I can't test your adwise right now. I will test it later on this day.

But I'm a little bit confused about your last answer. I understand your ideawith 2 different grounds. But if I use the same ground both for DC and AC, then I will shorten 2 of the diods in the bridge rectifirerectifierWouldn't that be the same as draw a wire between AC(-) and DC-gnd? 

Thanks for your help.

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Ideally, my first post is usually the way to do this, but when I tested the circuit my results were goofy. I tried using the same ground type for both sides and the results were what I was looking for. My O-scope has only one ground terminal for both channels (This is an older version of Multisim). Therefore, when I grounded using the AC ground, my DC side reading were off. Using the DC side ground caused the AC reading to be off.

To actually answer your question. I think the simulator differentiates internally between the grounds even though they are the same and therefore doesn't actually produce a short circuit. At least this is the way it worked for me. If you like the Dual Ground system better and your results are OK, then I would recommend you use it if you want to.

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Just wanted to tell you that it all worked out nice.
I connected AC and "DC" ground to the same ground, and theit it worked fine!
Thanks for your help!
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