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trace length

Hello there,
Can I define subnets in ultiboard? I have a single input pin called A and have 76 output pins (1-76). and I have made all the traces from point A to 1-76 and I need to know what the length of each trace is i.e. A->1, A->2, A->3, ....A-> can I do that in ultiboard?
I know I can see the net length in the spreadsheet view, but that gives me the total net size i.e. (A->1 + A->2 + ...+A->76)...How can I measure the individual trace lengths? or a subset of a net?
please let me know.
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There is not a 'per segment' length field in Ultiboard yet. However, you can use the Place > Dimension feature or check its coordinates to determine the length. I would suggest the Dimensions.
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