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spreadsheet view issue?


hello, I use MS14


there is a something I can not understand -


spreadsheet  view table does not have \show TYPE field, BOM does have\show it.


take a look at the images -


I think these field lists should be the same.


or I do something wrong?






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Hello Michael,


The BOM and spreadsheet view show a few different things just because they are meant for different ends.


The BOM will show information of components relevant to the selection process while the spreadsheet view will give you data relevant to design and simulation. The type is not relevant in any way to simulation, so it is not included in the spreadsheet view.


If you believe it should be included, maybe you can provide some feedback about it here and here. Both channels are monitored by R&D, hence are good ways to transmit your message.



Camilo V.
National Instruments
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thanks for response


theoretically you are 100% right, but practically I can tell it would extremely helpful to have  some fields of BOM are visible in SpreadView - and Value is one of them - IMHO.


I 'll submit that idea to that R&D channel.

with hope it helps
good luck
thanks a lot

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