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single sided pcb

Hi all

First time poster.

Noob type question coming up.


How do i get Ultiboard to autoroute as a single sided pcb? Unless i've got it completely wrong you can only have a minimum of a top and bottom copper layer i.e. a two-sided board. I'm going to make my own pcb's and don't want to use double sided.

Is it as simple as telling it not to use via's of any description or is that a bit of a sledgehammer method?


Also, does anyone know of any software that will take the schematic from multisim and autoroute a veroboard/stripboard layout?


Thanks in advance.



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08-27-2015 04:09 PM

Re: single sided pcb

You can mark the bottom layer as unroutable.

  1. Click Options > PCB Properties.
  2. Select the Copper Layers tab
  3. In the Allow Routing box, select Copper Bottom, then click Properties
  4. Uncheck the Routable check box

If you have a version that has PCB Layers in the spreadsheet, you can also do this a little easier.


  1. Select the PCB Layers tab in the Spreadsheet View
  2. For Copper Bottom, change Routable to No
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Re: single sided pcb

Excellent. Thank you.


I knew i must have missed something obvious.


Many thanks.



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Urgent--Need help in NI Ultilities

HI, Have a nice day.


I having some question.

1. Where do i can find the normal 2 pins IR reciever, I might that is in phototansistor, but i can't found it inside the transistor and diode part of multisim.

2. How to allow a single sided board with copper at the bottom , and i place the components in the non-copper side?

3. Normal double sided copper board with placing components in one side only?



 I am new to this program. Please help me. Thanks a lot. Hopefully you can give me a helping hand .




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Re: single sided pcb

hi garret


i see you are the best with this soft


i need to change the tickness of connections line,can you suggest me how?

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Re: single sided pcb

how can i change the tickness for connection lines?

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Re: single sided pcb

 I just have Multisim 10 german edition but I think the procedure has not changed too much. 

First you have to check the "select copper trace" button. 

Then mark the trace you want to change. Normally only a part of the track will be highlighted. Go to the "select complete track" menue and check it, now the complete track should be highlighted. 

Go to the "properties" menu, and check "general". You will find a field indicating actual thickness (or width) of the track. (You can pre-set standard width for each net, so sometimes there appears "standard".) With the pull-down arrow you can select standard width, or enter your own value. 

All this refers to width of a track, i.e. horizontal dimension. 

Thickness usually refers to the vertical dimension of the copper layer. The thickness of the copper layer is determined by the manufacturing process and cannot be changed via Ultiboard (usually 35 um thickness). Also, it is difficult to manufacture tracks of different thickness (vertically) on the same board.

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Re: Urgent--Need help in NI Ultilities

Usually the bottom side of a board is the copper side, and components are placed on the opposite (top) side of the board. So no problems as long as you use this combination. 

Of course it depends on what you want to build which side is regarded as top or bottom, but of course you can use the standard configuration and simply turn the ready board around if you need components on bottom side and copper on top side. 

If you wand components and copper tracks on same side you can select the "copper top" layer as active layer and use the standard placement of components. But this will cause problems when soldering since pads will not be accessible for many parts once they are placed. In this case, you have to manufacture the board as double sided but use only one layer for copper tracks. All pads will automatically appear on both sides and are accessible for soldering. 

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Re: single sided pcb

That does not work for me. Track is still on component side of the board. Maybe because Through board via from Copper Top to Copper Bottom cannot be Unchecked.

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