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I really need you help. I've bought a book with a Multisim 10.1 Student Edition.

When I want to simulate something, I receive the following error message:


"This circuit has no power sources: unable to determine the simulation timestep automatically.
Please add a power source or set the simulation timestep under "Interactive Simulation Settings" to proceed."


I am using Windows XP.


Some time before I downloaded Evaluation Version from NI website and had the same problem.


Thank you for your help.




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seems that you have forgotten Power Source like VCC, VSS or AC/DC Source or forgotten the Ground (Analog/Digital Ground)


Attached here an example in *.doc. Please attache here your *.ms10 circuit if problem still exists


Best Regards

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Just as Johann explains, you need to set a VCC and GND on your schematic so the digital components can work correctly, here's a link to a document that has a more detailed explanation on why you need them and how to connect them.


Hope the information is useful.


Good Luck


Francisco Arellano

National Instruments Mexico
Field Systems Engineer - Energy Segment
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