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simulating optoelectronic and RF components using Multisim 2001

I need to include a SHARP infrared detector (GP1U50X) and a LINX RF transmitter/receiver pair with a whip antenna in my circuit.
Can this be done using Multisim 2001?
If not, what's the suitable software? And where can I get a model for these components if they're not in the database and I don't have a VHDL model for them??
I think there was an agreement between Electronics Workbench and so that Multisim users can download component models directly into Multisim, in exchange for a subscribtion ( I forgot how much)...What happenned to that??
Thanks in advance..I rea;;y need your help
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I have looked in the database of my Multisim 2001 Power Pro and I do not find anything that you require. You can create your own components and they will simulate in Multisim 2001 if the models are compatible and correct. I did a search on the components through Google and did manage find a datasheet for your Detector that shows a block diagram type schematic of it, but nothing that is real useful in helping you create your own component . The opto-couplers in the database is the only thing I can think of that you could use to halfway simulate this device without a lot of hassle.
I went to LINX website and they have a bunch of stuff that may help you. They had datasheets, guides, and even their own design application software. They did not have any Spice models that I found and since these are probably proprietary devices it is doubtful you will be able to find one.
I am sorry I couldn't be of more help. If someone else has a better solution than I please post it because I would like to know what others think as it helps me too.
Kittmaster's Component Database

Have a Nice Day
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