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simulate / show condensator charging

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i'm trying to simulate / show the typical condensator charging. ( Multisim Component Evaluator 14 )

Power Source - Resistor - Condensator


As soon as i'm starting the simulation the voltage of Power Source and condensator is the same.

Doesn't matter which value i'm choosing for the resistor.


Which simulation setting i should change ?


Best regards



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Most likely, the simulation uses a fully charged capacitor (as in, your configuration has been sitting in its current state there as is) as its default value.

Try adding a switch that you can flip (default position is that there is no connection) so that the process of charging can be initiated at will.

Alternatively, use a signal source and create a square voltage that only starts being high (5V for example) after one second or so.


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Accepted by topic author skammann
11-28-2018 03:07 AM

Thank you very much for your answer.

The signal source hint was the solution for my problem

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