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rectifier simulation problem in multisim

Hi, i've got a problem with my simulation results in Multisim. Why does it cut the voltage to <100V after the rectifier (see attached image)? I think on this computer is an old version installed but thats should be no reason for such behaviour.
When i build the rectifier out of 4 discrete diodes, it works.
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I checked the spice model for the rectifier that you are using and got it to work. I attached the picture that shows which variable you have to modify, it was set to 100V... that is why you would get that fuzzy thing going on... according to the datasheet it should work up to 1000V right?...

How to fix it.... double-click on the component... then from the value tab, click on the Edit Model button, and then on the spice text scroll down until you see the variable that is shown on the attached picture, you should see that it shows 100, change it to 1000. And then click on Change Part Model to finish. Give that a try, it should work.

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many thanks four your effort, now I got it running :-). But I haven't any idea why all rectifiers are set to 100V max, thats really strange.

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I already advised the Multisim developers about the 3N252, I will make sure they are advised to review the rest as well. Thanks for bringing this up.
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