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need a 2N5458 JFET

I have been attempting to develop a JFET with the characteristics of a 2N5458 n-channel JFET from a virtual n-channel JFET, however, I do not see the correlation between the downloaded spec sheet for a real 2N5458 and the parameters listed for the virtual n-channel JFET.  If someone out there can tell me how to do this or if anyone out there already has a model of a 2N5458 please let me know.

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I have located a model for this. I will create a component for you, test it and post it tomorrow on a schematic so you can just download it to your database hopefully.

The easiest way to create components is to find a pre-made modes for them and do it that way instead of trying to do it from the datasheet. Doing it from the datasheet is possible, but is really an overly complex undertaking because like you said some of the information is hard to translate into what Multisim is looking for. And on top of that there are some parameters in Multisim that I have not found in the datasheet. This may just be me, but I think a more direct correlation between the datasheet info and Multisim parameters is needed or explained better in the documentation.

Creating components using pre-made models is not the majic pill in all circumstances. Sometimes models do not exist or are not compatible with Multisim. But when you can find them and they work it is much less of a headache creating a part.

Be back tomorrow with your part.

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Alright. I have managed to create this and test it. It seems to work correctly, but since I am not entirely a professional at component making I will have to post it for you and let you try it and see if it works the way you expect it to work.
Here's the file. I hope it is what you need. Let me know if it works the way it should.
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Thank you for taking the time to create this JFET model and to reply!  I am about to use it in my next lab and I will certainly let you know how it goes. If all works out well I would like to share with my instructor and classmates. I don't think you will mind but I would like to ask you first, so please let me know if that will be OK.

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Sure, you are free to use it however you would like. Just let me know if it works the way you expect it to work. If it does I am going to upload it to our component site in my signature so every one can share it that signs up.. It is 100% free for anyone to use.
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I wanted to let you know the component seemed to work just fine. It was likely one of the smoothest labs I've done in a while, and I'm sure the proper configuration and design of the model helped make it so.

Thanks again!
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Thanks for the feedback. I am glad it worked and that you did good on your lab work. I will be uploading this to the files area at the site in my signature

You might want to examine this site as it contains a few components and other things concerning Multisim that may be of interest. It is free for everyone. You do have to register, but that is mainly for member tracking purposes only (so we know how many members we have, basically.). It is run independently from NI by members of this forum (including myself) so we can provide a stop gap measure for some missing components and what not.



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Thank you for this, it worked great
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Thanks a lot for the great component. It worked well for me. I'm actually also actively searching for 2n5457. It would be great if anyone can help me out.


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