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Good Afternoon,


I've bought the Student Edition of Multisim/Utilboard 13 which is fine, however how do I upgrade from the limits of 50 components?
My project for a Nitrous Controller is approximately 70 components which includes Probes etc.


I don't mind paying to upgrade providing it doesn't limit the components?



Many Thanks




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Hi Shenga,


The student edition has a limit of 50 components but the education version has an unlimited amount, You can either get the upgrade online or by calling NI


heres a link explaining some differences

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Many thanks but as a Student I thought it might have been an affordable upgrade but the minimum I can see is £370, is that correct?


I may have to look at other software which is a bit more flexible with components if not.

Shame as we were told to download the software for our 2 year course and up until now it's been fine, but as we're increasing the size of the project it's now limiting us.



Many thanks again,




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