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multisim for beginners

I am just starting to get into electronics I am trying to teach myself, I thought Multisim would be a a great peice of software to use. Can anyone recommend a good book that takes beginners through examples using Multisim ?
And is there a more frequently used forum for Multisim users ?

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A great start is the Multisim User Manual, it includes a nice tutorial and uses the example circuits included on your \sample folder. For the User Manual it should be on your Start >> Programs >> Electronics Workbench >> Multisim >> Documentation folder.

We also have several App Notes and Tutorials on the web, you can search on the EWB website or on the NI website, if you go thru NI, go to the Developers Zone >>  Software >> Electronics Workbench area...

I personally do not know of other forums, which I'm sure there are, however, this forum is relatively new and we are making efforts to answer posts as soon as possible in order to attract more users. Be confident that we will increase the traffic on this forum.

Hope I was helpful...

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