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multisim 8 / Amplify 900MHz with LNA / BFG480W or STB7001


Hi, I am trying to amplify a 900MHz signal with multisim 8.

I have done some searches and I have not found any transistors or op-amps that will amplify this high frequency on multisim 8.

I have found 2 different Low Noise Amplifiers (LNA) on the net that could work.

I found a BFG480W and STB7001.

I have heard you can import new devices to your library.


Does anyone have these files and know how to add them in?

I looked and I do not see a "Library" folder.

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The way you can import a component into Multisim's database is based on a SPICE model, if you don't want to model the device yourself you can search in the manufacturer's page or the internet and you will probably find it. I attach a link to a tutorial that shows you how to create your own Multisim components.


I hope the information is useful.


Good Luck

Francisco Arellano

National Instruments Mexico
Field Systems Engineer - Energy Segment
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