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mq3 sensor and thermistance



i'm going to make an alcohol sensor using MQ3 sensor, but it influenced by temperature, i need to make a compensation using a thermistance but i don't know how. Can you help me ????


Thanks Smiley Happy

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You can use components such as voltage control voltage source or voltage control resistor to emulate real-world phenomenal such as temperature.  For example, you can pretend the degree = 1mV so connect a DC source to the input.

Tien P.

National Instruments
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OK thanks
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I need diagram for the circuit
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You can use the Multisim symbol editor to draw part you want. You can access the symbol editor through the Component Wizard under Tools>>Component Wizard.  If you don't need to simulate this part, click "layout" only on step one.  The tutorial to create a new part is here:

Tien P.

National Instruments
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Dear Tien_P,


Thanks for your reply.



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hello where did you find MQ-3 sensor on multism?

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