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missing 'edit circuit description'

Hello everybody.

I just installed Multisim9 Student Edition Lite.

I loaded some of the examples at 'academic courseware' and tried to edit the circuit description but the 'edit circuit description' which should be at the tools isn't there.

Is this because of the Student Lite Edition or can I find it somewhere else?


PS: Excuse any mistakes
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Try going to Options >> Customize User Interface... >> Commands Tab, and in the Categories section look for Circuit Description Box. If you find that you should see on your right [Commands window] 'Edit Description'.... if you do, just drag and drop it on any of the Menus you will want it to be... which ideally is Tools.

I'm sure all the tiers have it, although I've never used the Student Lite edition so I might be wrong. Let me know.

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Thanks for answering.

Even if I look at all "All Commands", there's only the choice to select View Circuit Despription Box, which is already enabled at the VIEW menue.
Is anyone there, who can confirm that with the Student Lite Edition?
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So I got ahold of a MS 9 Student Lite CD and I installed it plus I also checked the features available on the Student tiers and what happens with the circuit description box is that is a read-only feature, if you try to write or edit it will give you a warning message saying that from the Tools menu you can edit it, but that is a general warning message from MS and is not tied up to a specific tier of the product. Anyways, the Student edition does not allows to edit the description box.
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