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measuring long time intervall logik signals


Hey guys,

I just want to simulate a NE555 circuit with a astabile multivibrator which has a duty periode of 120 seconds and than a duty cycle of 5 seconds.


My simulation is so low that the computer needs nearly six seconds to simulate one second of circuit behaviour. So, I just added an indicatior light but now I had to wait nearly about 12 Minutes to see if the timing parameters are correct and thats much boring to look on the indicator light for 12 Minutes just to wait for a 5 second state change ...


The oscilloskopes didn't run well because they reset the timeline after one second ...


How can I measure the output state of the NE555 automatically for let's say 40 Minutes simulation time and then have a look on the results?


Thanx a lot an greetings from germany,


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can't you use the Graph Viewer to display your results from your oscilloscope?


See also these links for further help:

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Anna Vogl
Certified LabVIEW Developer
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Hey Anna,

sorry for that but what do you mean by using the "Graph Viewer"??? With this response, I can't do anything. What should that be? Do you mean the oscilloscope or the logik analyser or bode plotter (hope not because I don't have any idea how to use this for that situation ....)


I used a TLC556 which is the dual-CMOS-variante of the NE555 and a 14-bit digit counter CD4020BD. The first timer of the TLC556 is used to generate a 60 Hz clock signal, the 14-bit-counter is used to break it down to 60 s duty period and the second timer of the TLC556 is used to generate a 5 s on-cycle triggerd by a negative signal change from the counter output so that I get a precise 5 s on-cycle nearly every 120 s.


The simulation time by now included the logic analyser is so low that it is nearly impossible to simulate such long periods.The simulation time is about 1,5 hours and it only simulated 32 seconds of circuit state on a haswell core i5 dual-core CPU ... that's completely bs ...


So the logic analyser shows the correct states of the output but slows down the simulation time to a intolerable level ...


Does anybody know a way to enhance the simulation speed noticeably? Which is the right measurement device for this?




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