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import and saving wav file in Multisim?

Just wanted to say that Gorik's solution totally worked in Multisim 14.1, once I downloaded the runtime of LabView from way-back-when. You're a genius! Now if there were only a way to export the speaker recordings to a wav file, I could not only simulate my audio circuits but also save the results. Ideas? 

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Figured out how to export a wav from my simulation. SO easy! Just install OBS or any other application that can record desktop audio, set it to point at all desktop audio and record. You want to make sure Windows is set to 100% audio level (turn down your speakers if that's too loud) and then play back the audio from the speaker element in your simulation. It totally works, and I'm delighted to say that it demonstrates that the problem with a circuit I've worked on for quite some time was in the implementation, not the design. So now my troubleshooting moves from one arena to another; something I wasn't able to pin down until I went through this exercise... 

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