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import and saving wav file in Multisim?

Dear WenR


Actually my problem is to play a audio file in multisim 14. I have designed a audio power amplifer using LM386. Now I need to give a input audio to that amp. If we are going to use a LV user instrument in Multisim then we need to save both LV LLB file and .dll file in the LVInstrument folder of Multisim. I followed your given URL. It is very clear how to make a DLL file. I have a audio file playing LV instrument but after I tried making DLL and LLB it is not got in to Multisim environment. Could you please explain me how to do it

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Hello Senaka2014,


Please help to clarify what exactly do you mean with the following statement that you mentioned:


"I have a audio file playing LV instrument but after I tried making DLL and LLB it is not got in to Multisim environment."


Reading through previous insteractions on this thread, I'd like to recommend you to make sure you're following the right steps.


Have you tried to run the example shared by Gorik in previous posts on this thread (making sure to make the changes later suggested by Fernando to make it work in a newer versions of Multisim)? What where your results of this procedure?


Best regards!

Daniel C.

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I did all the way you described. But I can't see the player. I'm using Multisim14.

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Hello MHbach


As I understand, you know how to create the dll file but you can't get the instrument to appear in Multisim, is that correct?


Could you please explain which specific steps did you followed?



Daniel C.

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I copied the dll in the folder C:\Program Files (x86)\National Instruments\Circuit Design Suite 14.0\lvinstruments.


Is the problem that I'm using Multisim 14 and the dll was created for an earlier version?


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Hello MHbach


Correct. Actually as you can see in that link mentioned something about the compatibility. That is the issue in this case.



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can anyone help me to include .wav audio file into multisim using Virtual Audio connector

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Check on this 2 links


Playing .WAV files in Multisim


Topic: NI Multisim audio input

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how can I see the microphone in Multisim? I dont see it within the components...

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Hello Can you update this for Multisim 14? I can not run this?

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