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how to un-install ultiboard 10

Hi all,
I recently installed the latest upgrade, Circuit Design Suite 10.  As per the installation instructions, the installer installs all products in the suite (Multisim, Ultiboard and the Multisim MCU module).  I have a license for Multisim only.  I would like to uninstall the Ultiboard product but it is not clear how to do this.  I've stepped through the NI entry in the Add/Remove Programs in the control panel, but this does not offer the option of un-installing individual products (i.e. Multisim or Ultiboard).  Anyone know how to accomplish this?  Thanks.
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In version 10, Multisim, Multisim MCU Module and Ultiboard, all share the same executables, libraries and files. In other words, is one program... Circuit Design Suite. You cannot install them separately, in the same way, you cannot uninstall them separately. However you can activate/deactivate each feature separately though, but this is not going to 'take away' or erase any of the programs.

I want to believe that you might be interested in saving space in disk by uninstalling one of the components, the truth is they are one single program, so there is no space saving. Just one program with different features activated.

The only thing in version 10 that can be selected/deselected on the installation is the option to install the Support and Upgrade Utility.

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