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how i can import LMH5401.cir file in multisim


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I get this file spice netlist from TINA software Texas instrument, it said error, can someone help me:(. i attached the file my LMH5401.cir in zip file

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Do you want to import .cir file in to multisim?

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Yes , may I? This model from texas instrument and use TINA software, i convert it using TINA software in generic spice model and try to add in to multisim but it error like the picture

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Hello, vendor specific models are often encrypted to be used only with their own simulator. You can check in Tina TI if this is the case by right clicking on the component and entering the macro. There could be a notice that " * Encrypted macro. Content can't be viewed.". If this is the case you cannot import the model into Multisim.

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hai may ask why in lt spice i can add spice model (pspice and lt3092,which is linear technology spice model) but in multisim i cant, or maybe the way i add is wrong? can you suggest me the article solution that i can refer on?

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as long as you try to import a standard Spice model into Multisim it should work without issues. TI and AD/Linear are known to encrypt many of their models such that they can only be used with their own simulators, TinaTI or LTSpice.


If you have encrypted models, I'm affraid the only path is to talk to the vendors for a non-encrypted model...Maybe they are willing to offer one. If not, then you are restricted to the simulator that can work with the encrytped models.

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