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how do I find the dc load line for a BJT on multisim 11


Im trying to find the dc load line for a BJT on multisim 11.

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There is an example included in Multisim that uses DC Sweep Analysis to calculate the DC Load Line. Go to Help>>Find Examples, this opens the NI Example Finder. Select the Search tab, enter DC load and click the Search button. Doble click the DC_Sweep_CE_Amplifier.ms11 file to open it.


I hope this helps.

Fernando D.
National Instruments

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I am wondering to simulate JFET I-V characteristic curve in term of temperature change effect for BF862 jfet. but i could not do that. are there anyone who can help me? it's very urgent.

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Unfortunately, BF862 is not available in Multisim. In general, you can use a temprature sweep to sweep a range of tempratures and get the resulting currents and voltages from the circuit. The temprature analysis is dependent on how extensive the spice model for the component is in terms of temprature effects on it.


Hope this helps.


Tayyab R,
National Instruments.
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Thanks for reply. Would please tell me the procedure to get output jfet characteristic curve by changing d-s voltage at different g-s voltage to drain current? I attached my document. It's better if you send me a sample simulation file if possilble. actually i will try for other jfet model once i know how to simulate it. it would be great help. thank you in advance.

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That file does not exist in multisim 14.2, is there a similar example?

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