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help drawing circuit using PIC16F877A


i have the project up timer  its ready , and i have the circuit , also the code for the pic 
thy using pic16f877a , and the circuit using pic16lf871p, but so far the project working fine.
the  problem im facing rite now , i want to do the circuit in any software , i try orcad , multiisim and  proteus 8
but i cant redraw the circuit ,  coz i cant find the PIC16F877A on NI component 
what i should do?IMG00012-20100510-2100.jpg , i really will be appreciate ur help 

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Hi Mahmoud:


You can create your own custom part in Multisim, simply go to Tools > Component Wizard and follow the prompts for a layout-only part. You'll draw a symbol, pick a footprint and map pins from symbol to footprint.


Tutorial: Creating a Custom Component in NI Multisim


If you are using Multisim 14, you now have a very large database of PIC MCUs (~4000), these are available as an NI Labs feature that we are field-testing, so is not in the shipping product. Find it in the following link.


NI Multisim Microchip MCU Co-Simulation [Beta]




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Hi Nestor,

I'm trying to make a simple project for one of my classes and I have the multisim v.14.1 , but when I clicked the link of your reply, it stated "access denied" since I don't have the necessary privileges to view it, would you please give some guidelines towards where can I download the plugin? I need to use the pic16f877a to control water pump system, but since the presentation is through a simulator I really rather use multisim insted of proteus. 


Than you very much for your help!

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