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group replica place -random parts place rotated 180

When I do a group replica place I get parts in random groups that are placed with 180 deg rotation from the corresponding part in the reference group.


Sometimes if I repeat the placement it corrects itself.


Seems similar behavior has always been there.


Also, in the replica place window my master group component list has '(Yes)' next to about 2/3 of the parts.  What does that mean?

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The key to making group replicate work correctly is to make sure the part order in group 1 is the same as group 2 in Select Group for Replicate Place dialog.  In the attached screen capture, the corresponding part for R3 from group 1 is R6, so in group 2 R6 must be on the same row as R3.


If the components doesn't lineup correctly, you can edit the order under Edit>>Group Editor>>Part Group, use the up/down arrow on the right side to rearrange the component order.



Tien P.

National Instruments
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Yes I do that but some parts still place with wrong rotation.

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When you get a chance, please send me your file so that I investigate this issue.


Tien P.

National Instruments
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It's been a while but I'm finally facing this again.  Here is my current  result.  The bottom side cap in the upper left corner is rotated 180 deg from what it should be.  Also the + sign on the big cap has moved to be over the - sign indicating incorrect cap polarity.  When I remove all other lements from my design except the master and 3 replications that have the problem, then it works fine even though I did not touch anything related to the GRP function.  Let me know if I can send the original file, but I do not want to post it here.  Thanks.


GRP rotations.PNG

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