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green check of 3D breadboard with MultiSim

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Dear NI,

  I'm using the 3D simulation of a breadboard in MultiSim. Do I understand correctly that all the elements of the schematic circuit should turn green when everything is well connected on the breadboard? Indeed, sometimes it is the case, but I have also noticed some strange behavior of elements remaining red while they are obviously at the right position.
The color can also be affected by inversing the orientation of a resistor, adding/removing a ground  and many others operations which should not matter in principle.


Could you help me clarifying what is happening and how we could improve the control of the green check?


Thank you very much for your support


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Accepted by topic author Helmo

  It looks like I have found some solution to my problem. There are two ways to check the cabling of a breadboard : the color of the schematics which should be green and the DRC and connectivity check. They seem to be independent. Indeed the DRC check looks reliable. If the polarity of the resistor is swapped nothing happens, while for a source or an ammeter swapping does induce an error which is fine. On the other hand, the green color on the schematics acts very strangely. Attached is an example with a simple circuit where I swap the polarity of the resistor starting from a fully green schematics. After a first swap it gives an error on the left of the resistor. After a second swap it gives error on the right. So just swapping the resistor changes the validity of the cabling and swapping it twice does not bring the system back to the initial state which is not what we would expect.


  As long as the DRC and connectivity check is working my problem is solved, but I'm still curious to know if anyone has some better idea about the working principle of the green schematics. It is a bug or is there some logic in it? 


Thank you

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