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footprint edit mode bug



I am using UB 10.1.197 on a machine running Vista Ultimate.


When I am in the footprint edit mode, selecting a pin, then double clicking it for its properties will cause Ultiboard to crash, everytime.



Selecting the pin, then right clicking it, then selecting properties, opens the properties screen as it should.




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Does the crash happen with a particular footprint? If this happens with a custom footprint please attach it here so that we can run some tests.



Fernando D.
National Instruments

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I have the same issue -- when selecting this "rounded rectangle" -- UB 10.1 crashes
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No, it is not a specific footprint. If I go to the master database and copy a footprint to the user database then edit it, double clicking on any pad will cause Ultiboard to crash. It doesnt seem to be related to just the pads. Double clicking on outline lines on the silkscreen have the same effect.



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Hello Jackinnj,


Are you also using Ultiboard 10.1.197 (Help>>About) on Windows Vista Ultimate?

Fernando D.
National Instruments

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My Ultiboard main program has not crashed since I installed the new update. I am using Vista Ultimate. Thank you.


However, double clicking on items while in the footprint edit mode will still cause a crash everytime.

Tools, Database, Database Manager, User Database, Select a part, Click edit, Click Select Tool, Double click on a pad- instant crash NI Circuit Design Suite 10.1 has stopped working message.


Does not matter whether the part was created new or copied from the Master Data Base. Double clicking on the ? or other items will also cause the crash.


And just as before, right clicking and selecting properties works fine and is the temporary solution.





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Hi Michael,


This is a known issue that has been fixed for our next update (date TBA).


In the meantime, you should be able to select and edit footprints without clicking on the select icon.



Natasha Baker
R&D Engineer
National Instruments

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