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european norm (DIN) simbol of capacitor

european norm (DIN) simbol of capacitor

I'm very happy that Multisim offer the choice between ANSI and DIN symbol of a component and I'd like to help to improve this feature.


First I would suggest to substitute DIN for EN.

DIN was old German norms, now Germany is part of European Community and this nation, with many other in Europe, follows European Norms (EN).

Second, more important, the symbol of capacitor don't comply with EN.

The non polarized capacitor is quite similar to norm but need plates little bit more close.

Polarized capacitor (electrolytic) is wrong. The right symbol is similar to that of non polarized capacitor except for a “+” added.

I would like to modify it but it's impossible to copy this symbol from Master Database to User Database. I don't understand why.

How to make a new family with right symbol without losing useful features of original symbol, like the possibility to change value ?


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Re: european norm (DIN) simbol of capacitor

I can see what you mean about the editing of the component. When I tried to save one to the database it no longer allows you to edit the value. It appears to me that the original components are being treated as virtual components and the save to database removes that. Unfortunately, I do not see a way around this situation. The only thing I can suggest is to take all of them and save them to the database with the corrected symbol. When you edit the symbol save the file within the Symbol Editor for later use and then when you need a capacitor that is not in your user databse then you can use the virutal ones to change the value, save it, edit the symbol, and load the previous saved symbol  you have created. This method may save some time and a few headaches


I know this sound like a lot of work and probably is. I have been complaining about the virtual components and the way they are handled in Multisim for a while. They need to come up with a different method to where they are more user friendly so that we can edit them.


If anyone else has a better suggestion, please let this user know. It may also help others who may be having a simular problem.


I wish I could be of more assistance, but I think this may be something that is out of our control.

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Re: european norm (DIN) simbol of capacitor

I wanted to findout the ratings of capacitors with european symbol such as CPOL - EUB45181A,CPOL - EUE5-8.5,CPOL - EUE2-4, C-EU050-025x075. Please let me know where to find the ratings

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