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digital stopwatch circuit not working/running smoothly


I made the following Digital stopwatch circuit  using IC 7490, 7448 and cathode seven segment display on multisim and the transition between 2 and 3 and some other states isnt  smooth or is getting stuck. What modifications can be done to run this circuit perfectly ?

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Hi there,


In Multisim go to Simulate>>Mixed-Mode Simulation Settings and select Use Real pin models. This mode requires power and digital ground which you already have in the schematic.



Fernando D.
National Instruments

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I'm a multisum user. Can u please send me the circuit diagram of 4-bit digital stopwatch with the use of multisim software along with the working rule.Please help me as soon as possible. Thank u.
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My multisim simulation of digital stopwatch isn't showing the correct results. When I start by pushing the push button, the stopwatch shows 91 when both switches are closed. When both are open the display shows 80. Again, when push button are closed the display shows 81 and again, when buttons are open it shows 80.

Please help me solve this issue.

Screenshot of my simulation circuit is attached.

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