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creating electret microphone, need help

creating electret microphone, need help



I'm trying to simulate this circuit in multisim for a project in my circuits course. 


I need help with the electret microphone part. My multisim does not have any microphones in it but we are can substitute any parts we want (like a variable resistor instead if it would prove the rest of the circuit works).


Anyone know a component that could substitute an electret microphone? 



I see the electret microphone is its own little circuit, ( anyone have an idea which parts would build one?

Have no idea because we have not covered transistors in class.

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Re: creating electret microphone, need help



I was able to locate a document on the web which does a good job explaining how to create a spice model for an electret microphone. I was not able to find an already made model but this should give you some idea:


Hope this helps.


Tayyab R,
National Instruments.
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