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Hello im new and would first like to say hi to everyone, HI!.

I am relatively new to multisim and I am trying my hand at simulating some devices that I am wishing to build into an LED array for displaying text. I am attempting to build a counter that can be used to scan a colunmn of LED cathodes at a high frequency to give the illusion of all the columns being on. The type os counter is a decade counter.

I have attached a link of the multisim 9 file that i have created in the hope that someone may be able to help me with this simulation,as when i run the sim i get different results on the logic analyser everytime, and not the wave patterns i am expecting,

Thanks in advance if anyone can help
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I have added a quick copy of the ms9 file and saved it as an msm. It can be found at

Hope this helps

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I just simulated your circuit as you have it and it doesn't seem to work correctly. I replaced the word generator with the function generator and it cycled each output the way it should. Can you tell me if there is a reason to use the word generator?

On a side note. The MR (reset) has to be close to ground. What I do is tie this to ground with a 1K resistor. This makes sure that it is grounded and awaiting a reset high from somewhere else in the circuit. May not be necessary, but wouldn't hurt to have it this way to be on the safe side.


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One other thing. I don't know if this was intentional or not, but in my simulations the circuit stopped after the last counter reached maximum. To get it to run continuously I had to run a wire from pin 11 of the last counter back to the MR (reset) of the first counter. At least this was the case for me anyway.
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The reason for the word genenator was from my studies i was under the impression that i used the word generator with digital circuits. Thanks for the feedback i will try with the fucntion generator and see what i get.
As for the continuous cycle the intention is to have a larger counter which feedsback to a microcontroller and that will control the next cycle.
Thanks again, now i can push on.
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