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copper bottom routing


Ultiboard 10 has some serious bugs.

  1. Will not auto-route anything on copper bottom layer. I have 2 layer board that I’m designing and auto-routing is endless since it doesn’t use bottom layer at all.

  2. In “Spreadsheet view” noticed more tabs… But in layer tab you can not change trace bias at all. It always defaults to “none” and can be changed to H or V.

  3. Windows fonts don’t work in copper bottom. When export to gerber, only few random letters appears. This is the problem from ver 9 and whenI spoke to engineer @EWB he said that problem is well known and it will be fixed in next version. Never happened….

  4. 3D view totally scrambled. After application restart appeared fine, but happened again very next time…


I can not believe that you guys from EWB/NI (whatever it is now) released ver 10 without testing some basic functions (copper bottom routing). I’m VERY DISAPOINTED and thinking already to switch to something else. Wasted a lot of time because of your bugs….

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1.  This is likely a setting problem.  Turn on the spreadsheet view if it is not already on and select the “nets” tab.   Scroll over to the “routing Layer” and if this field indicates “10” this mean your board is not route allowed to route on the bottom layer.  Select all your nets by holding down the Ctrl key on your keyboard and click on the top net follow by the bottom net, everything in between should be highlighted.  Now, double click in the “routing layer” and check the copper bottom.  Ultiroute should now route on the bottom layer.


2.  I was able to replicate this problem, but if you Select OptionsàPCB PropertiesàCopper Layer, under the “allow routing” heading, select the desire layer and click on the “Properties” button, if you change the setting here and it should show up on the spreadsheet.


3.  From what I have seen so far, everything is working with the Window font in V10, the attached file is my testing file.  I can see this being a problem if you opened a file created in V9 because the information that caused the problem is still in the file, try delete the old text and replacing on the board again, if the problem persist, please forward your board to so that we can further investigate the problem.


4.  The 3D issue is harder for us to replicate as this is likely a video card issue.  If you go into the control panel and select the DisplayàSettingsàAdvanceàTroubleshooting, try and reduce your hardware acceleration.


I hope above information helps.


Best regards,

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