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circuit reuse in ultiboard

I have spent a lot of lime carefully laying out a ciruit for a previous project. I now have a new project where it would be possible to reuse my circuit I previously used but with a slight modification. Is there any way of preserving all the hard work I did on the routing? I guess I am looking for a sort of modulariseing function or something....
Any help appreciated.
Thanks in advance
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The are two ways you can accomplish this, one would be to open your previous project, select all the things you want, then copy them, and then paste them in the new project.

The other one is, instead, go to your Multisim schematic, make the changes you need from there, and then forward annotate the changes to your project. With the understanding that your previous original project has been backed-up or renamed.

This is a good suggestion and I will pass it as a feature request to R&D.

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