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circuit conflict

Hello i have a problem with multisim11: i made two circuits in two separate design sheets they work very well and there was no errors. But when i copied them in one design sheet when i make run the simulator gives error message and cannot solve the problem although each has its separate components. they work good in separate design sheets only. what is the solution?
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Hello, thanks for response


the first problem is V2 voltage is 120 v


555 would not take it. it is one of problems but not a only one.


your schematic is a mess.  brush it up, it will make it clear for you and for anyone.

check for not connected wires.


what is a purpose of top part of it  - you do not use it, don't you?.


with hope it helps
good luck


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hello thanks for response:

even i hanged volt from 120 to 9 volts still the error

the above circuit to produce dc current in 5 volts

the main problem when i put each circuit in separat designsheet it works good.....but when i put them togerther in one design sheet ( to make a bigger circuit ) they give error

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Hello, thanks for response

it looks like I have it fixed .


look at the picture.


I cleaned it and brushed it up, removed\changed  a few components,


the bottom line is it runs now.

with hope it helps
good luck


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thank you very much but there must be a diod as in the picture i sent

i will try thanks

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Hello, thanks for response

I am glad it helped.

if you see the situation as solved, please mark the thread as solved and kudo my posts

thanks a lot



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