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I have a design in ultiboard with many resistors, capacitors, transistors etc. I would like to change ALL the pad sizes to the design rules pad sizes and I would also like to change the position of the pads on the transistors (all of which have the same footprint) is there a way I can do this without manually doing it for every part? i.e. modify them all at the same time or modify one and update all the others in the design? Manually doing each of them is quite laborious   

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Hi pgo48,


What you can do is edit one shape and then save that to the database by going to Tools >> Database >> Add Selection to Database. When you have added it to the database, you can select the parts which you want to replace with the new shape and go to Tools >> Replace Parts. Select the new shape from your database.


Hope this helps.


Tayyab R,
National Instruments.
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Accepted by topic author pgo48

If you used a part from the master database you can't edit it in there!

So, first copy (or save) that part to your user database with the same name.


fyi: Ultiboard will first look in the user databas, then in the master database.


After you changed the part and saved it (with the same name!) then simply do "update shapes" and all shapes will be updated, without needing to select.

beware, all parts, not just the ones you edited, all will be updated...


Best regards


stressed user



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thanks both of you!

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