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Zoom magic mouse

Im pretty new to multi sim and i use it on a mac with win 7 as a VM.

I have a magic mouse for the Imac and the zoom feature is extremely annoying. Everytime i accidently touch the top of the mouse my entire schematic zooms way in or way out. I feel like if i breath on it wrong i loose my schematic. 

Does anyone know how to shut this feature off. 


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Found it in settings, please disregard


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Hi bro, I'm having trouble trying to install multisim on a MAC, Could you help me? How you did it? Wich VM are u using? Please help! my email: 

I'll be grated

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Where in settings did you find this? I couldn't find any menu item called settings, only properties under Edit.


The closest I could find related to the mouse, was mouse-wheel function under Options > Global Preferences > General.

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