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What has happened to Multisim Blue?


Hi Jeff,


I would also like to say that I'm disappointed that I'm spending a lot of money on support contracts for zero software upgrades. I have absolutely no interest in a Web based solution and do not care to fund it. After Hurricane Sandy it was 12 days before I had Internet access again. I need to be able to work without Internet and so don't care to fund 'cloud' solutions.


After all the data breaches constantly being reported, I can't see anyone putting anything of value on the cloud anyway.




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Hi Jim,


Thank you for your feedback. I can certainly understand your perspective, and we do plan to release a software update for the desktop version by this summer. In spite of the data breaches you mentioned, which are concerning, we are still finding that many of our customers are looking for and expecting cloud-based solutions. By working on both in parallel, we are hoping to satisfy the application needs of all of our customers. 


Again, thank you for adding to the conversation. It's helpful to hear about your needs, as our development decisions are based largely on customer feedback. 

Have a great day,

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