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Voltage time graph using oscilliscope


I am an engineering student who was wondering on how to get a voltage time graph across a mosfet transistor using an oscilliscope. i have somewhat got it to dip a little but not like a proper V-T graph when discharging capacitor?


I have attached my multisim file so you can take a look.

I am so lost.


Thank you to whoever figures out where i went wrong and tells me how to fix it or send a fixed version with notes attached.

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Hello moua4368,


Could you please describe the tack more detailed?

You are looking for analysis method?

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I am looking to simulate using analog the Voltage over time graph to demonstrate the MOSFET in use when the capacitor is charged and discharged. Is this possible? the charge and discharge rate are too fast for what I need. I would have done this on a breadboard at college but we`re in lockdown

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you can always replace the manual switch with a voltage controlled SPST switch controlled by a pulse voltage. Then you can run a proper transient simulation instead of the interactive. This allows you to zoom in to a sufficiently small time window to look at your MOSFET switching. I attached your example circuit changed according to the above.


Note that time constants of the capacitor charge-discharge must be adjusted to actually see the voltages change.


If using an oscilloscope is a must, you can still add the instrument to your schematic and adjust the time base.

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