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Version 14.1 upgrade warning

Received a CD in the mail with version 14.1 update. It is a complete reinstall and it deletes the old 14.0 version when it installs. So everything is default. You have to go find your databases and merge them, all that stuff. 

Had I known I would have taken note of such things as database location, etc. before doing the upgrade!

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For the Multisim 14.0 in Windows 7 the databases locations are:

C:\ProgramData\National Instruments\Circuit Design Suite\14.0\database

C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\National Instruments\Circuit Design Suite\14.0\database\


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So my client and I both upgraded to 14.0 at the same time. I received the 14.1 DVD in the mail, he did not. I just tried to send him a database export and he cannot import it. Is 14.1 libraries incompatible with 14.0???

If so, a little warning would be nice! If not, why does it not import into 14.0.1? If he opens database manager his import and export buttons are grey'd out. 

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The files are not backwards compatible, probably the databases are not either 

Can I Save Multisim Files in my Current Version for Use in a Previous Version?


If the import and export buttons are grey'd out, it is possible that that version has not been activated, you may not manage databases in the trial version. Ask him if it is activated.


Also, if he has a serial number, he can get the 14.1 version from the download webpage




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Which, fortunately, he was able to do! This is really bad. NO warning. Previously when there was a major upgrade that was not backwards compatible (more on that later) the installer left the older version installed. But this time it deleted it! In the past when there was an update of versions 10 or 11 it never rendered the files of the same MAJOR release number incompatible with lower versions! If this makes the files incompatible it should have been called version 15!!

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This is not true as I have not upgraded my laptop yet with 14.1 and I can still open and edit files I've created on my 14.1 machine. Why would you say they are not compatible when they clearly are???

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Hi jg_geandinc,


I'm glad you were able to open this on your laptop! Normally the KnowledgeBase article referenced above would be applicable, but in this case it looks like the differences between 14.1 and 14.0 were more of a patch than a major revision of the software.


I believe the reason you were encountering the database issues is that one of the major differences between 14.0 and 14.1 is the changes to the database. I've linked the Multisim 14.0 and 14.1 help topics on database changes in case you wanted to look through those.


Hopefully this helps, but if you have any other questions, feel free to post them to the forum!

Andy F.
Applications Engineering
National Instruments
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Except it was both. Upgrading to 14.1 made my client's 14.0 database incompatible with no warning. That is just not a nice thing to do. 

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I just got bit by this again! Sent a new schematic to a client who it running 14.0. No problem opening the schematic. But the Bill of Materials report contains NONE of the information I spent over 4 hours entering!!! What a waste!



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