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Vacuum tube symbols for Ultiboard

I've been searching for vacuum tube symbols for Multisim/Ultiboard. I looked at all the suggestions, like Duncanamps, Kittmaster, etc. and so far all I found are Spice models that cannot be imported due to syntax problems. I found a tubez.prz that cannot be imported, because it is the wrong version (made some years ago with V10) and Multisim won't let me convert it to the correct version (V13).

Basically all I need are the symbols for different models of vacuum tubes (triode, double triode, pentode, rectifier) like 6922, 12AX7, E88CC or EL34, KT66, 6550, so I can use Ultiboard to design a pcb.  

Can someone point me to a place where I can find these symbols? Or help me with the tubez.prz file conversion?


Thnx, Rob

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Hey Tantrum,


If you can not find a component in the database, what you need to do is find a spice model for the component from the manufaturer's website. The manufacturer's are the ones who make the spice models for components. You can then use the tutorial in the link below to make a new component in Multisim.


There's an example of this working for vacuum tubes in this previous forum.


Hopes this helps,


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