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Using "StarterOutputInstrument" Element.


Good day.
I am building a Virtual Tool based on the StarterOutputInstrument template.
The tool works great. There were questions:


1). Where did the "Multisim Output Pins" element come from in the template?
2). Is it somewhere in the palettes?
3). Is there a description of this item?


As I understand it, the “Multisim Output Pins” element can only produce voltage.


4). How to get from the output signal - Current Source?
5). How can I monitor the current coming out of the virtual instrument?
6). How can I set the internal resistance of this source?

7). Is there a similar element for digital output?


PS: I am familiar with API, ActiveX, CoSimulation, and so on ...
I need to create a virtual device inside Multisim.
My software versions: MS-10.1.1, LV-8.6.
If necessary, I can upgrade my software.


(Thank you in advance...)

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