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User Field

User Field


Can you tell me which file the user field save the records.

Its not at master database .

Thanks for help me

Best regards



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Re: User Field



In order to export the User Fields, go to Tools -> Database -> Database Manager.


1. Select the required component and click on Export as shown in screen shot Database Manager.


2. Select one of the User Fields Only options. You have the option to export as .csv or .txt.


3. Give the File name and press Save.


Hope this helps.


Tayyab R,
National Instruments.
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Re: User Field

Thank you for your answer. But export one by one is too much work because I can not export the entire database.

I have several students that need change  the "User Field"  for their work and explained that everyone could save their User Field.

Also needed to replenish it as it was.

I tried to replace the entire folder  (C:\Program Files (x86)\National Instruments) but changes remained.

I dont know where made changes the records of User Field.


Thanks Again


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Re: User Field


Nobody answer me!!!!!!


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Re: User Field

Mister V,


I believe the Master DB user field changes are physically saved to the Corp DB (as write permissions are not allowed to Master DB).   So if you rename/remove the Corp DB you should 'clear' the Master DB user fields.


Warning: So that you do not lose components that you may have created in the Corp DB (copy/back it up it to a new location) and if you have components in the Corp DB, you will want to select and export them and reimport them once a new Corp DB is created (you should be able to select all components in Corp DB at once).


- Pat N

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