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Use Multisim in Your Browser on ANY Device!

Hi everyone,


Did you know that we’re testing out a new feature of Multisim: design and simulation completely online? We’ve taken the same powerful SPICE algorithms of Multisim and pushed it to the web so anyone anywhere can design and simulate their circuits.


Multisim Live can be accessed by going to on your computer, your tablet, or even your phone! Yes, it is touch optimized. Since we’re in beta, access to the Premium features of Multisim Live is free to anyone. All you have to do is click the Upgrade button when signing up and you’ll get access to our complete component library and an unlimited number of components in your schematic. All that we ask is you be aware that we will be making changes regularly and give us any feedback you have when using Multisim Live.



Sign up right now and begin teaching, learning, and creating with Multisim Live. Post any questions you may have on the Multisim and Ultiboard forum and any recommendations for features on our Multisim and Ultiboard Idea Exchange.



Multisim and Ultiboard Product Support Engineer

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Just tested on my Nexus 5 phone using Chrome. 


First thoughts:  Wow!  This is really cool. 


I waded right in and built a little circuit in just a few minutes.  Great job of building an intuitive UI in the space available.  My phone doesn't offer a lot of real estate, but everything seemed easy to find, and zooming in and out on my circuit was smooth and natural. 


Split-screening with the oscilloscope worked excellent as well.


Awesome indeed.  Smiley Happy 

Patrick Allen:
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Hello fellas.

I really want to use Multisim.

I had the free rial student edition but couldn't get a simple circuit to work properly.

Here is the circuit.

Maybe one of you can get it to work.project XYZ.png


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Hi DavidPaulF,


I think you'd have more luck for support on this if you created a separate post about the problem. 


And just as an FYI if your free trial of Multisim Student has expired, there is a Free account level for Multisim Live and Premium access is also free for the duration of the public Beta period!

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I can no longer find multisim touch in the app store, is this online version the replacement for that?  I found much value in the app (could use it offline) and it was very intuitive as an instructional tool.

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Multisim Touch has reached End-of-Life status, so it is not longer available for purchase and downlad from the App Store. It will continue to function on devices where it is already installed. 

To continue with Multisim on mobile devices, please consider using Multisim Live, which is our platform-independend web-based schematic capture and simulation tool. 

Alejandro Vargas

Applications Engineering

National Instruments

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this is great I just purchased the student version and could not install since I am running windows 10... Now that this version is available I can just use this until they make the version I bout compatible with windows 10...  Does anyone have an idea as to when Multisim will be compatible with windows 10?

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Multisim 14.0.1 is compatible with windows 10:

This can be verified in the readme file. 

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I'm an experimenter/hobbyist and just discovered - however late - simulation tools.  I have a mac, so I must use the MultiSim online.  I had good success building my first circuit - So Easy to Use!!  I could benefit from the parts database available in premium - just not sure if that's available online too (or if it's only in windows), and if I can afford it.  Really great online tool!

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Is there a multimeter in Multisim Live? It would be a lot easier to have the use of one instead of using probes and then having to calculate the differences between the probes.

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