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Use Multisim in Your Browser on ANY Device!

We haven't added virtual instruments yet, but I will certainly bring this feedback up with our product management team. 


You can however use reference probes to make differential voltage measurements rather than having to do the calculation yourself:


Reference probes can be found in the Probes subpalette and are used to specify your voltage or current measurement reference.
Here's how to use it:

  1. Place a voltage or a current probe before a component.
  2. Place a reference probe after that component
  3. Double click on the voltage probe to get to the configuration pane. 
  4. Click the Voltage Reference drop-down and select the reference probe that you just placed.

Now the voltage measurement from your voltage probe will be the voltage across the component.

Happy designing!


This help topic might also be useful.




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Great tool. However, do I transfer the design to ultiboard? How are custom components and foot prints handled?



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Here is an interesting channel where you can find very important information in the Electricity Sector:


(Acá hay un canal interesante donde se puede encontrar información muy importante en el Sector EléctricoSmiley Happy

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Hi AlphaSierra,


I see no one responded to your post. Sorry about that! From Multisim Live, you can export your circuit to Multisim (for desktop). Then, from Multisim (for desktop), you can transfer to Ultiboard. Hope this helps!




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Why the Multisim Online site is so slow?

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Hello vazu_1


This is an old thread and your comment might not get the right amount of visibility.

Your feedback is important for us! so I recommend that you speak your mind on the following forums:


  1. MULTISIM AND ULTIBOARD IDEA EXCHANGE this forum is monitored by our R&D and the best-rated ideas are prioritized. therefore, make sure to post your ideas or comments here so other users can show their support on them. 
  2. Multisim Support forums this is the forum for Multisim and Ultiboard technical discussions with the community. 


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Does Multisim live support digital electronics capabilities like the logic analyser and ICs like 74HC190 or 78 series?

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