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Unlock Circuit Restrictions

I am trying to use some multisim problems for work, but do not have the unlock code for the circuits. Does anybody know where I can find this?
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BTW is ver 9
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Are you using a non-Education version at work?... because non-EDU versions will not show the Circuit Restriction command, it is built-in the EDU versions. If this was the case then you need to unlock it first on a EDU version, save it, and then re-open it in your normal Pro version.

In case you are using a EDU version also, then you need the unlock code from the last person that lock it. The password is embedded on the file itself, is not a separate file.

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Its for the problems located on the student disk. I didnt know if there was an unlock code for the teachers to view the faults.
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Please tell me the specifics of the versions to understand better where the problem is... for example, the textbook CD for students, has sample files with a ".mst" extension if I'm correct, in which case they are meant to be open only by that specific edition of the software.
So I guess, what I want to know, is the complete name of the software CD in which you find these files, and the complete name of the software package (Multisim I mean) in which you are trying to open it. Plus the extension of the filename please.
Respond back with those details and I'll check it out...
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They are .ms8 extensions, they are off the principals of electrnics circuits disk.
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