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Ultiroute error "padstack can no be used as via"

Hi All,
I am working with Ultiboard and Ultiroute 9.  I have no problem using the autoroute feature on double-sized boards (even for fairly large circuits), but when I set up even the simplest circuit (e.g., 3 resistors + battery + LED) and try to route it assuming a single-layer board, I get the following error:
"Error during autorouter preprocessing. Soure: Autorouter. Padstack can not be used as via."
I can not find any reference to what this means or how to correct it.  I have tried to adjust nearly every parameter in the Ultiroute options with no success.  Any ideas?
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In some version, if you used the ‘Board wizard’ to setup your board as a single sided, you will get this message upon starting the router.  To work around this, setup your board as a double sided board.  On the spreadsheet click on the “Nets” tab, there should be a “routing layer” column, double click in this field and uncheck the layer you do not want to route on.  If you use the Ctrl or the Shift key to select multiple nets, when you change one field all highlighted nets will also inherit the setting.

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Thank you!  It works great!
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