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How do I remove just a portion of a power plane after it has been placed on a layer. I want to do this so I can create some extra space between it and components, and to remove some small sections of it that stick inbetween components and pads.  I tried the Splitting Copper function, thinking I could just then remove the resulting island, but it won't split small sections for some reason.

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Have you tried Edit>Copper Delete>Copper Islands. Don't know if it will work but worth a shot.

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While on this subject, I have a suggestion for NI about this. It would be nice to have an eraser tool like any other drawing program does that we could run over the board and erase what we don't want there.



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HI Lacy,


I've added this suggestion to our feature suggestion tracker.

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NI's solution was to increase the clearance of pads or vias in the general area of whatever you want to remove.  This works in some cases, but isn't really, in my opinion, a permenant solution.  I like the suggestion to have an eraser tool.  Or at least allow us to draw a polygon and have everything inside it deleted.  I know this works on the soldermask layers. Everywhere you draw a polygon, solder mask is removed.

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i agree, the power plane functionality is very limited, an eraser tool would be a very good addition to the software

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