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Ultiboard design rule nets too close

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I am using Ultiboard 14.1.  I have a component with an MSOP-10 footprint.  There is about 7.5 mil spacing between the leads.  I have set all the global design rule clearances to 7, as well as the clearances for the individual nets, but I am still getting an error that the nets are too close.  


I've attached an image of the part with no connections (no nets on any of the pins).  The design rule clearances have been set to 1.0 mil, but I'm still getting errors ("Two objects without nets are too close to each other").  I've turned on the Clearance View, and the blue ovals around each pin are spaced about 15 mil away.  I don't know where the 15 mil is coming from.  If anyone can give me some advice, I'd appreciate it because I've been pulling out my hair for the last 30 minutes trying to figure this out.  Thanks.




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Ok, figured it out and it's quite straightforward.  I didn't realize that you can also set clearances for individual pads.  Just go to the SMT Pads tab and change the values in the 'Trace Clearance' column for the component pins.


As an aside, does anyone know the order of precedence for clearances?  Like, does the smt pad clearance override the net clearance and the part clearance?  Is there an order of importance listed somewhere?

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It looks to me as though the maximum of the possible values is used.

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