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Hi Ultiboard Community,
I have one question. Is there anybody who have an old version of Ultiboard ( 4.8 - 5.6 ) incl. the red or black Dongle, and don´t need it anymore. I´m looking for a possiblilty to buy such a dongle or the complete Software package.
regards g-p
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I noticed this post has many days without receiving an answer, I will post my input in order to control 'unanswered' threads from backlog and possibly my suggestion would be useful for you.

The latest versions of the software do not use a dongle for security purposes, EWB migrated to a online-based key generation option. This improvement transition forced us to spend any dongle left out in stock. Even though you might be (or have already been) able to find one in the community I encourage you to review the Upgrade and Support options available for current versions. If this is something you will consider please contact any of our Account Managers at 1.800.263.5552.


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Hello Nestor,

I'm looking to purchase an older version of Multisim and Ultiboard, and I was wondering what versions of these required the dongle and what versions just required electronic activation?  Also, if I buy a version that requires electronic activation, should I get some code from the current owner, or would I have to get a new code through NI? Any information you could supply would be appreciated. Thank you.


BilletProof Racing

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Is difficult to say, because dongles were based on country/region/software edition/version.... so, is kind of complicated, however, version 8 and 9 did not had dongle options, version 7 there was one dongle option, version 2001 had a couple of dongle options (and non-dongle options). So if you are buying it from another person just make sure from that user that they do not need a dongle.

In order to get a release code, you need to email with your complete contact details, serial number and signature code. In case you are interested in the newer versions:

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Thank you Nestor, you've been very helpful. I would love to have the newer versions, just not in the budget right now. I'll see what I can find, and again I thank you.


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