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Ultiboard 14 SMD Resistor Value with ?

Hi there,


I have a SMD resistor with footprint R1206 from the master database and it shows the value of the resistor with an ? appended to the value like this 1K? instead of 1K . How to get rid of the ?

I don't have this problerm with SMD cap like CAPC3216X180N it shows 10µF.


Resistor 2.jpg


Thank you, bye.



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Ok I found that the Omega sign is added automatically by Multisim but is not recognize by Ultiboard. Maybe it is because I have the french version of Windows 7 and perhaps a different character set, I don't know. Is there a way the stop appending an Omega sign to the resistor value in Multisim ?


Resistor 3.jpg


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Hello PierreFromMont..


Could you attach the Multisim Circuit (screenshot or circuit)? It is just to check what specific resistor you are using.



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Ok I made a super simple circuit here.

Multsim Error.jpg

Multsim Error 1.jpg

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