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I'm trying to design a circuit that requires the ULN2003A driver IC. I've checked the Multisim ULN2003 model and it is an empty file - i.e. no model parameters at all. I have also tried googling for a SPICE model for this IC, but there doesn't seem to be any available.

Does anyone know where I can obtain the SPICE model for this component, that can be ported to Multisim?

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I created as simular part for someone else on the forum. It was a ULN2004, but I recieved no feedback as to whether it was working as he was needing it to. I will re-post it for you and maybe you can modify it to a 2003. They should be very simular as far as functionality. I will let you test it and see if it works correctly and works for your application.

Here it is:

Kittmaster's Component Database

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Hi Lacy,

Downloaded the ULN2004 model that you provided and tried it out in my circuit - it works perfectly. Thanks. I'll use the same model param for the ULN2003 that we need.

You've been a great help.

best rgds,
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Thanks for the feedback about this component. I really appreciate that. I am going to upload it to the web site in my signature so anyone can have access to it at anytime they may need it.

Thanks again.

Kittmaster's Component Database

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Thanks a lot lacy! It is useful! Smiley Wink

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Hi Lacy,


I am very new to Multisim. Can you please guide me about how to import the file that you have provided for ULN2004 in the database so that I can use it in simulation?


Thanks in advance

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ULN2003 is quite a great IC to work with. Not much complex and quite flexible. If you are working on it then you should first check ULN2003 Pinout and also downlaod its Proteus simulation as its always better to work on simulation before real hardware.

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 i donnot find ULN2003 transistor kindly help me


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